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Sufi Element Ritual
Sufi Element Ritual
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Symbology of the Element Ritual
The Element Ritual is a homage to the Creator, Who with the great Powers, the five Elements composed the Universe. The Element Ritual is a communual discovery of God expressed in His Whole Creation. All names and forms are symbols of Him. The Element Ritual in its entirety is a symbol while the parts are symbols too. A symbol is a revelation and a veil over the truth behind at the same time.

The burning candle in the centre of the circle of the Ritual is representing the Divine Light. The symbolical meaning of the circle is the perfect Creation. The Men going to the Divine Light and back to their place on the circle. This means the mutual influence of the inner and outer life.

The Element Ritual expresses the transformation from spirit to substance and back again. The Element Ether changes from Air, Fire, Water to Earth (Procession Men), after which the Element Earth alter from Water, Fire, Air to Ether (Procession Women). The Koran says about this: Everything comes from God and returns to Him.

By the Offering of the Women and the Experience of the Elements from Earth to Ether the capacities/characteristics of the five Elements are phrased in the Suras. During this Experience the participants comprehend being part of the Universe. They forget the ego and are united with the Element. This Experience is a nonverbal essence of the Ritual.

The Elements exist in vibrations as well as in atoms. Sounds and colours are effects of the Elements. The Men and Women give the Tones corresponding to the five Elements. Finally singing the Tone 'OE' of the Element Ether.

With the whirling the Men and Women rise above the Elements, which have formed the mortal abode (the body and mind) for the soul's experience. With a bow to God the participants return to the Earth. The Men and Women conclude the Element Ritual with paying a tribute to God by a Wazifa.

The Element Ritual is a combination of colour, sound en rhythm performed in the Procession, the Experience and the Whirling.

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