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Sufi Element Ritual
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1. Offering of the Elements – Men:
After a signal of the leader the Ethermen enter first. They walk in the 4-steps rhythm and say loudly the Wazifa: 'Bis mil lah el-Ham dulel lah'. After each lah comes one beat rest (one foot put next to the other foot; the 'resting foot' starts after the rest). The first Etherman carries the Light of the Element Ether. The Ethermen go straightforward and afterwards next to one another turning right and left around the Divine Light via the Ether point to the Divine Light. There the first man puts down the Light of the Element Ether. When finished he crosses his arms before his chest. Then all Men of the Element Ether make a little bow in silence. After one Wazifa at his location the first Man goes backward to the Ether point, where the others have been standing behind him with arms crossed. (The drum continues the whole time, except during the little bow. The drum is softer during putting down the candle and coming up again.)

• During putting down the Light:
o No Wazifa;
o Soft drum.
• During slight bow: silence
o No Wazifa;
o No drum.

2. Offering of the Elements – Women:
During the procession towards the Divine Light of a specific Element, the Women of the other Elements sing the Pitch of that particular Element. At the Divine Light the other Women of that Element are standing next to each other (in a little half circle) behind the first Woman. Their hands are on the given Pitch brought together from the Posture of their Element directing upwards in reverence.
Then the first Woman with the offering pronounces the Phrase of that specific Element. When the first Women has put down the offering, she takes the Posture of reverence too. After the offering by the first Woman all Women make a little bow in silence. Then on the given Pitch they take their own Posture and walk backward to their places, while the Women say their Wazifa. The other Women join the given Pitch in singing the Tone. After the offering all stand in the Posture of their specific Element.

• During the Offering:
o No Wazifa;
o No drum.
• During change from Gesture of the Element to Gesture of Reverence and vice versa:
o Tone.
• During slight bow: silence
o No Wazifa;
o No drum.

3. Wazifa Men:
“Bis mil lah el-Ham dulel lah” instead of “Bis mil lah al-Ham dulil lah”.

4. Wazifa Element Fire:
“Ikwan ul Safa” instead of "Al-lah Hu Ak-bar".

5. The Wazifa:
During the 6th part of the Element Ritual, The Wazifa the Women say “El Ham dul el lah” instead of "Al Ham dulil lah".

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